Platforms and Uses

The abundance that the Internet and digital technology have introduced into the circulation of images no longer makes it possible to choose between appropriation and sharing; on the contrary, it confuses them [. . .] » (Chollet, 2022:38–40).

Digital platforms are not empty shells, mere vehicles allowing the expression of individuals and communities. They offer us (or impose on us) guidelines that either confine or freshly propel our modes of consumption and creation.

“Platforms and Uses” is an interdisciplinary and international project aiming at an exploration and a better understanding of today’s platform cultures. On this site, you can explore:


–       The exhibition “L’espace des plateformes”, located at the Crossroads of Arts and Sciences of the University of Montreal, Marius-Barbeau Exhibition Hall C-2081.

–       The 16-episode radio show on CISM 89.3 FM, the third most listened-to radio station in Montreal.

–       The international symposium “Platforms and uses. Film, Television, Video games, and Digital Creations,” a gathering of the most important researchers from Quebec, Canada, and abroad (the United States, France, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden), specialized in film and media studies, game studies, and platform studies, coming from various disciplines such as communication, cinema, television, video games, art history, semiotics, and sociology.

The project is led by Marta Boni, Christine Bernier, Zaira Zarza and Joyce Cimper (UdeM), in collaboration with Barbara Laborde, Guillaume Soulez, Florian Body and Joa Neves (Sorbonne Nouvelle — Paris 3).

This project is the result of a collaboration between several research institutions and groups: